our products

Gravalock® Premium P56

The industrial and commercial solution
It holds up to 5.5 ton/ft2

Gravalock® Slim S56

The residential solution
Load capacity of 3.7 ton/ft2

What is permeable flooring?

A permeable floor is much more than just a surface. It's an innovative solution that blends engineering and sustainability. At Gravalock we believe in an approach that goes beyond traditional concrete.

what gravalock is

Gravalock is a 100% recycled grid system based on attachable modules.

  •  Enviromentally friendly
  •  Easy to install
  •  Affordable
  •  high resistance
  •  Highly permeable
  •  100% recycled
  •  Quick installation
  •  low co2 impact

why gravalock?


Enviromentally friendly

Our product grants you efficiency in resources and materials and water optimitation.

100% Recycled

We recycle 2 cubic yards of plastic to produce a square yard of Gravalock®