HOW To install gravalock?


  1. Any rigid element like sidewalks, walls, concrete edges, etc. must be done before grid system installation.
  2. Preparation consists on removing all soft soil like plant soil and level it the best possible, compact loose soil if needed. Leave enough deep space to place gravel base and grid (gravel base thickness depending on paving use) plus 2 inches for the Premium P56 grid or 1.5 inches for the Slim S56 grid.


  1. There has to be a base made of gravel between soil and plastic grid. It will help finish leveling the soil in case there are some imperfections, also it will give all the system a higher weight capacity and retain more rain water for absorption.
  2. Base thickness depends on the type of project. It is recommended to be from two to ten inches thick.
    1. A two to four inches base should be made for walking path, patio, park or any place where there is not going to be cars (Slim S56 grid).
    2. A eight to ten inches base is recommended for places where there is going to be cars or trucks. Four inches thick base for house driveways and ten inches thick for parking lots and low traffic streets (Premium P56 grid).
  3. Base gravel should be made with angular clean stone. It can go from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches diameter. Level and compact gravel base the best way possible.


  1. Grid should be confined all around within a wall, side walk, concrete edge, etc, previously made.
  2. Having ready gravel base just place the grid above and assemble it together. It is important to have an idea which way you are going to accommodate the grid to avoid waste specially within irregular areas.
  3. On irregular areas grid that do not fit can be disassemble (use rubber hammer) and leave that small area to fill with gravel. To totally cover area with Gravalock grid assemble it and cut the excess. It can be easily cut with a hacksaw, round saw, etc. Leave one inch between grid and confinement.
  4. Before filling Gravalock grid with gravel compact it the best way possible so it settles above gravel base.


  1. Simply fill Gravalock grid by pouring gravel with a wheelbarrow or directly from a truck and spread with a shovel, rake, bobcat, backhoe depending on size installation.
  2. Remove gravel excess and compact Gravalock system installed. Refill with more gravel in empty spaces if necessary after compacting.
  3. Maximum gravel size is 1 inch diameter. If a smoother finish is wanted use a smaller gravel 3/8 to 1 /2 inch diameter, we highly recommend 3/8 inch diameter gravel.
  4. Gravalock grid can be filled with any kind of gravel to get a desired finish.

Setting the grids up

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